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A structure for transparent energy storage

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Stanford researchers in Professor Cui’s Laboratory have developed a transparent lithium-ion battery for use in fully integrated transparent and portable devices such as displays, touch screens etc. A patterned grid-like battery electrode is fabricated by a novel microfluidics-assisted method. The resulting electrode appears transparent as its features are below the resolution limit of human eyes. Moreover, by aligning multiple transparent batteries together, the energy stored can scale up easily without sacrificing transparency. A single Li-ion battery with a transparency of 60% is fabricated with an energy density of 10 Wh/L, including packaging. The device also can be flexible, further broadening its potential applications.

The electrode is packaged with other transparent components to create a transparent battery


  • Fully transparent displays & touch screens, such as in cell phones, tablet computers, mp3 players etc.
  • Any other fully integrated transparent device.


  • Transparent – fully transparent battery allows for fully transparent portable electronics.
  • Stackable - multi-cells maybe stacked together to reach energy required for powering devices without decay in transparency.
    • Increased energy per area. Due to the capability of stacking, the energy per area is unlimited.
  • Flexible – flexible device can further broaden possible applications.


Future work

With further optimization, such as reducing the thickness of PDMS substrate, increasing the depth of the trenches, and using materials with higher capacity and tapping density, the researchers believe that the energy density could be increased to over 50 Wh/L.

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