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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-384Intelligent control for coordinating distributed energy storageKeywords1/22/2018
2S11-113CMOS image sensor with single-shot compressed sensingKeywords5/2/2016
3S97-166Simultaneous Multi-Channel bit Serial Multiplication and QuantizationKeywords11/15/2007
4S00-046Dual Gate Oxide Transistors for Downscaling CMOS Image SensorsKeywords4/4/2003
5S99-133CMOS Video Sensor System with Improved SNR Under Low IlluminationKeywords1/9/2003
6S99-060CMOS Image Sensor with Self Reset Pixel ArchitectureKeywords11/6/2002
7S01-018High Dynamic Range Image Formation and Motion De-blurring in CMOS Image SensorKeywords7/2/2001
8S01-019Enhancing CMOS Image Sensor Dynamic Range and SNRKeywords7/2/2001

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