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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S10-240APharmGKB- Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Database Keywords4/27/2016
2S12-307Stanford CoreNLPKeywords10/12/2012
3S04-337A Multi-Domain Dialogue Management SystemKeywords12/17/2009
4S05-384Stanford Named Entity RecognizerKeywords5/19/2009
5S09-165The Stanford ClassifierKeywords5/19/2009
6S08-356Stanford Part-of-Speech TaggerKeywords5/15/2009
7S09-164Stanford Chinese Word SegmenterKeywords5/15/2009
8S05-230Stanford (Statistical Natural Language) ParserKeywords8/20/2007
9S06-293"It Feels Good to be Let In"--A book to teach young children about how it feels to be excluded and how to change that behaviorKeywords3/14/2007

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