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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S11-415Progenitor cell population to generate functional blood vessels in vivo Keywords10/23/2017
2S07-205Molecular imaging of human embryonic stem cellsKeywords9/26/2017
3S13-1384-in-1 Plasmid for Efficiently Generating iPS CellsKeywords2/5/2015
4S12-133Novel Protocol For Generation of Cardiac Progenitor Cells and Cardiomyocytes from iPSCsKeywords2/7/2013
5S09-118Preventing immunological rejection of transplanted stem cellsKeywords4/26/2011
6S08-438Rapid iPS Cells from Adult Human Adipose Stem CellsKeywords2/18/2010
7S09-309Using Minicircle DNAs to Generate Viral-Free Induced Pluripotent CellsKeywords2/18/2010
8S08-431Novel Minicircle Vector for Cardiac Gene TherapyKeywords6/26/2009

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