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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S15-437Platform for functional analysis of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesKeywords7/24/2017
2S11-309Dual panel PET scannerKeywords7/14/2017
3S13-120Visualization of Heart Wall TissueKeywords3/31/2017
4S13-240Novel organic polymer nanoparticles emitting near infrared fluorescence and their application to biological imagingKeywords2/2/2017
5S15-476Novel Catheter Based Imaging Probe for Detection of Vulnerable PlaqueKeywords1/23/2017
6S16-040Fast Coherent Flow Power Doppler ImagingKeywords1/17/2017
7S14-412Manganese-enhanced MRI for evaluation of myocardial injuryKeywords8/11/2016
8S06-409Novel molecular imaging contrast agents for photo-acoustic imagingKeywords7/12/2016
9S09-401"Respiratory Mode" - Acquisition and Display of Cardiovascular Images to Show Respiratory Effects Keywords6/30/2016
10S10-141Multi-dimensional Cardiac ImagingKeywords4/22/2016
11S12-195Multi-Functional In Vivo Cardiovascular Imaging Using Near-Infrared II FluorescenceKeywords8/8/2014
12S06-231Rotational Stereo Roadmapping for navigating interventional radiology instrumentKeywords5/14/2009
13S01-006Medical CAD: Diagnostic Ultrasound System and Method for Flow AnalysisKeywords4/1/2009


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