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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S13-462Simultaneous Extraction and Separation of RNA and DNA from Single Cells Using Electrophoretic TechniquesKeywords11/29/2017
2S16-005A Method for Faster, Sensitive Biomolecular Detection in Surface Reaction AssaysKeywords3/6/2017
3S12-094Method and Apparatus for Sample Delivery in Serial Femtosecond X-ray Crystallography: Electrospinning Protein Crystals in VacuoKeywords12/15/2016
4S14-042Slip-chip for point-of-care routine urinalysis and microscopy (RUM)Keywords5/23/2016
5S14-335Hybprinter - A novel method and system for bioprinting of hybrid tissue engineering constructs and 3D printing of multi-material objectsKeywords10/7/2015
6S14-384Implantable pressure sensors for telemetric measurements through bodily tissuesKeywords12/10/2014
7S11-353Multiplexed Microfluidics Immunoassays Using Dielectrophoresis ElutionKeywords1/30/2014
8S13-317Electric Field Control of Protein ImmobilizationKeywords1/30/2014
9S13-219Method to regulate pressure driven flow in fluidic passages by sealing junctions via application of a phase change materialKeywords10/28/2013
10S03-150Improved Pumping Media for E-O pumpsKeywords7/30/2013
11S05-116An Orientation Independent EO PumpKeywords7/19/2013
12S12-293Compartmentalized integrated biochipsKeywords11/14/2012
13S12-314Microfluidics tools for automated surveillance of insect-borne bioagentKeywords10/2/2012
14S06-203Trench Isolated CMUT ArraysKeywords8/15/2006
15S99-038Through Wafer via ConnectionsKeywords3/17/2000
16S99-039Cross Talk Reduction in cMUTsKeywords3/17/2000


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