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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-279Single Cell Morphometric Profiling for Next Generation Clinical Cytometry DiagnosticsKeywords2/1/2018
2S16-416Prognostic Biomarker for Responsiveness to Anti-CD47 Immunotherapy Keywords8/18/2017
3S15-129Urinary Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer Detection Keywords7/10/2017
4S13-052A Novel Engineered anti-CD20 Tracer Enables Early Time PET Imaging of Non-Hodgkins LymphomaKeywords6/5/2017
5S13-321Tumor-Specific Minicircles for Cancer ScreeningKeywords5/26/2017
6S14-409MOZART: High-resolution optical molecular imaging system for medical and biological imaging applicationsKeywords1/30/2017
7S16-094Screening tool to detect MYC-driven cancers and stratify patients for immune-based therapiesKeywords12/14/2016
8S07-263Fluorescent sensors for easier, direct monitoring of enzyme activityKeywords10/24/2016
9S06-409Novel molecular imaging contrast agents for photo-acoustic imagingKeywords7/12/2016
10S15-338Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer Diagnostics Prognostics as a Guide to Individualized TherapiesKeywords6/22/2016
11S11-391Early Cancer Detection SystemKeywords4/21/2016
12S13-469Methods to Detect CTCs and Other Rare CellsKeywords4/5/2016
13S15-311A wide-spectrum nutritional treatment for cancerKeywords11/11/2015
14S15-019Novel antibodies to measure Neuromedin UKeywords9/1/2015
15S14-419PET Probe For Imaging PARP-1 Activity In Live SubjectsKeywords3/9/2015
16S13-501GPCR Biomarker and Therapeutic Target of Lung Cancer Stem CellsKeywords10/6/2014
17S11-215Prognostic Biomarker and Therapeutic Target for Sarcomas, Carcinomas and other Neoplasms – ROR2Keywords9/24/2013
18S08-139Anti-AF5 monoclonal antibodyKeywords12/13/2012
19S03-337Progenitor profiling for preleukemia diagnosis, leukemia clinical staging, and prognosis of disease progressionKeywords9/26/2012
20S10-105Methods for Detecting and Measuring Malignant and Non-Malignant LymphocytesKeywords2/1/2011


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