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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-086Synthesis of uniformly-sized, water-soluble gold nanoparticlesKeywords7/25/2016
2S15-017Gene sequences for the biosynthesis of podophyllotoxin derivativesKeywords5/10/2016
3S15-071Software tool for Cancer Treatment using Nanoparticle Drug DeliveryKeywords5/10/2016
4S15-370Cell-Penetrating, Guanidinium-Rich Oligomers for Drug and Probe DeliveryKeywords3/3/2016
5S10-354Topical Treatment of Basal Cell CarcinomaKeywords6/29/2015
6S08-379Hydrogels, Methods of Making Hydrogels, Methods of Using Hydrogels, and Methods of Isolating, Trapping, Attracting, and/or Killing Cancer CellsKeywords2/26/2015
7S11-198New co-oligomers for the non-covalent complexation, delivery, and release of siRNA and oligonucleotides Keywords8/2/2013
8S10-275αVβ6 integrin binding peptides for cancer therapy and imagingKeywords6/18/2013
10S08-441Oligocarbonate molecular transporters across biological barriersKeywords1/21/2011
11S08-091Graphene SheetsKeywords1/14/2011


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