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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S04-192High Speed VideographyKeywords4/21/2015
2S06-413Motion-Compensated Orthogonal Video TransformKeywords5/27/2014
3S06-489Make 3-D-Reconstructing Full 3-D Structure from a Single Still ImageKeywords7/29/2013
4S06-061Hybrid LED-LCD DisplayKeywords4/10/2013
5S08-152ZunaVision: Automatic Video Composition and Blending for Creating Advertisement InventoryKeywords11/16/2012
6S98-163Self-oriented Regular Arrays of Carbon NanotubesKeywords6/14/2011
7S03-347Internet-Linked System for Directory Protocol Based Data StorageKeywords6/28/2010
8S05-230Stanford (Statistical Natural Language) ParserKeywords8/20/2007
9S05-185Scalable Algorithms for Sensor LocalizationKeywords3/8/2006
10S02-263An Improved Method for Visualization of Multidimensional Data ("Logicle")Keywords3/26/2004


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