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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S09-039Wash-Free Analyte Detection AssayKeywords2/9/2018
2S01-139AT Cell Regulatory Genes Associated With Immune DiseaseKeywords2/7/2018
3S16-365High-specificity proximity ligation assay to enable detection with low-affinity agentsKeywords12/19/2017
4S16-414ISAP- a PCR-based method for isotype-specific antibody detection Keywords10/9/2017
5S03-065DNA linker reagents for detection and quantification of RNA and DNA sequencesKeywords1/24/2017
6S15-267Fast, low cost method for pan-bacterial species identification Keywords5/31/2016
7S01-203Quenched DNA probes that "light up" on sensing genetic sequencesKeywords8/12/2015
8S11-041Diagnostic biomarkers in prostate cancerKeywords3/10/2015
9S14-419PET Probe For Imaging PARP-1 Activity In Live SubjectsKeywords3/9/2015
10S12-159Assessing risk for encephalopathy induced by 5-fluorouracil or capecitabineKeywords10/20/2014
11S06-155Assay for Influenza Viruses, Including H5N1Keywords8/21/2014
12S11-200Genetic Variants Associated with Risk for DepressionKeywords12/3/2013
13S13-273Dandybodies: DNA-Conjugated Antibodies for Improved Antibody Affinity and Reduced Antibody Cross ReactivityKeywords9/6/2013
14S00-045Genomic Analysis with Molecular Inversion ProbesKeywords5/2/2013
15S12-293Compartmentalized integrated biochipsKeywords11/14/2012
16S09-054Q-STAR fluorogenic probes for highly specific detection of nucleic acids in vitro and directly inside cellsKeywords10/2/2012
17S10-105Methods for Detecting and Measuring Malignant and Non-Malignant LymphocytesKeywords2/1/2011


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