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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S15-444Paperfuge: a low-cost, high-speed, human-powered centrifuge Keywords11/8/2017
2S16-414ISAP- a PCR-based method for isotype-specific antibody detection Keywords10/9/2017
3S15-359Rapid avidin-based detection and quantification of basophil activationKeywords6/12/2017
4S13-321Tumor-Specific Minicircles for Cancer ScreeningKeywords5/26/2017
5S15-057Gene set for the diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosisKeywords1/19/2017
6S14-032Maternal Serum Screening for Fetal Inborn Errors of MetabolismKeywords10/18/2016
7S12-386Blood test to determine patient responsiveness to MS therapeuticsKeywords9/12/2016
8S13-456Rapid, portable blood ammonia detection device (PAD)Keywords1/21/2016
9S13-189Modification of PET Blood Collection TubesKeywords1/14/2015
10S12-195Multi-Functional In Vivo Cardiovascular Imaging Using Near-Infrared II FluorescenceKeywords8/8/2014
11S12-342A Novel Blood Test for the Diagnosis of Celiac DiseaseKeywords7/23/2013
12S10-274Flow cytometry microfluidic impedance spectroscopy methods for point-of-use diagnostics and research instrumentsKeywords6/19/2013
13S10-143Microfluidic Cell QuantitationKeywords5/2/2012


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