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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-308On-Demand Electrically Controlled Drug Release from Resorbable pH-Sensitive NanocompositesKeywords12/21/2017
2S16-199Magnetic nanovesicles for targeted delivery of stem cells Keywords10/11/2017
3S16-232Scalable Synthesis of Phospholipids for Stable, Tunable Drug Delivery VesiclesKeywords4/7/2017
4S02-193Bi-directional Synthesis of Oligoguanidine Transport AgentsKeywords4/5/2017
5S08-106Method and Apparatus for Ultrasound Assisted Local Delivery of Drugs and BiomarkersKeywords3/27/2017
6S10-297Drug Release Controlled by External Electric FieldKeywords12/19/2016
7S16-086Synthesis of uniformly-sized, water-soluble gold nanoparticlesKeywords7/25/2016
8S15-071Software tool for Cancer Treatment using Nanoparticle Drug DeliveryKeywords5/10/2016
9S15-370Cell-Penetrating, Guanidinium-Rich Oligomers for Drug and Probe DeliveryKeywords3/3/2016
10S14-415Injectable deformable hydrogels derived from dithiolanesKeywords3/23/2015
11S09-383Scalable Production of Nanoparticles and NanofibersKeywords2/5/2015
12S11-198New co-oligomers for the non-covalent complexation, delivery, and release of siRNA and oligonucleotides Keywords8/2/2013
13S12-148Tissue engineering scaffold with controllable macropore-formationKeywords5/13/2013


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