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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-407Mechanical Scaffolds to increase mechanical and chemical stability of thin film perovskite solar cellsKeywords5/12/2017
2S12-078A New Molecular Method for Cargo Delivery Across the Algal Cell Barrier Based on Guandinium-Rich Molecular TransportersKeywords5/11/2017
3S15-203Hexacyanometallates as Highly Conducting Solid Electrolytes for BatteriesKeywords5/8/2017
4S16-255Robust transformation of fungal metabolismKeywords5/2/2017
5S05-009Production of Hydrogenase Activity in a Cell-Free Protein Synthesis SystemKeywords4/5/2017
6S05-167Expression of Functional Redox-sensitive ProteinsKeywords4/5/2017
7S06-281Preparation of Azide-Modified Carbon Surfaces for Coupling to Various SpeciesKeywords4/5/2017
8S16-376Ultrafast, scalable fabrication of mechanically robust perovskite filmsKeywords4/4/2017
9S16-236Ultrahigh Performance Radiative CoolerKeywords3/31/2017
10S16-223Electrochemical Deposition for Metal Ion Extraction/Removal from WaterKeywords3/15/2017
11S12-374Power electronics system that harvests excess power from unbalanced photovoltaic modules to boost overall efficiencyKeywords3/13/2017
12S15-451Infrared-transparent porous polymer film as textile for human body cooling and heatingKeywords3/10/2017
13S16-312Infrared-transparent nanoporous polymer fiber-based woven textiles for human body coolingKeywords3/10/2017
14S16-325Materials for low cost, scalable, thermochemical hydrogen productionKeywords2/27/2017
15S16-259Fabricating Highly Efficient Stable Perovskite Solar CellsKeywords2/22/2017
16S16-240Electro-thermochemical Li Cycling for NH3 Synthesis from N2 and H2OKeywords2/22/2017
17S16-023Lithium-Ion Battery Characterization Using Ultrasonic Piezoelectric TransducersKeywords1/17/2017
18S12-308Microbial Batteries Produce Energy from Wastewater and Other Organic MatterKeywords1/11/2017
19S11-467An ultrafast photonic crystal cavity single-mode light-emitting diodeKeywords12/15/2016
20S16-139Energy Storage in Closed Loop Systems using Microbial ConversionKeywords12/14/2016
21S14-008Thermoelectrochemical Heat ConverterKeywords10/17/2016
22S11-273Catalysts for low temperature electrolytic CO2 or CO reductionKeywords7/1/2016
23S10-263Graded Index Lens as a Nontracking Solar Concentrator (AGILE)Keywords5/12/2016
24S16-143Software to Optimize Crane Travel Path for Construction ProjectsKeywords5/11/2016
25S16-142Software for Calculating Probability of Wind Days for Construction CranesKeywords5/11/2016

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