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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S13-238Efficient High-temperature Photoelectrochemical CellKeywords8/7/2017
2S14-006Nanoscale Interfacial Engineering with Interconnected Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Stable Lithium Metal AnodeKeywords8/1/2017
3S11-344High Performance Alkali-Ion BatteriesKeywords8/1/2017
4S13-353A Pomegranate-Inspired Design for Large-Volume-Change Lithium Battery AnodesKeywords8/1/2017
5S14-109Dry-air Stable LixSi-Li2O Core-shell Nanoparticles as High Capacity Prelithiation ReagentsKeywords8/1/2017
6S17-132An Ultrastable Rechargeable Manganese Battery with Solid-Liquid-Gas ReactionsKeywords7/21/2017
7S09-252Conductive Paper and Textile for ElectronicsKeywords7/14/2017
8S09-257CNT-enhanced Nanomaterial MembraneKeywords7/14/2017
9S09-182Porous carbon-sulfur for ultrahigh capacity lithium ion batteriesKeywords7/14/2017
10S09-396A structure for transparent energy storageKeywords7/14/2017
11S11-046Framework Structure Battery Electrodes With High Power and Long Cycle LifeKeywords7/14/2017
12S17-133All-solid-state lithium metal battery based on three-dimensional structural designKeywords6/15/2017
13S16-276Enhancement of Conductivity in Nanostructured Proton Exchange MembranesKeywords6/6/2017
14S15-203Hexacyanometallates as Highly Conducting Solid Electrolytes for BatteriesKeywords5/8/2017
15S16-325Materials for low cost, scalable, thermochemical hydrogen productionKeywords2/27/2017
16S16-240Electro-thermochemical Li Cycling for NH3 Synthesis from N2 and H2OKeywords2/22/2017
17S16-354Electrodes for faster charging in electrochemical energy storage systemsKeywords2/7/2017
18S15-382Composite lithium metal anodes for safe, stable lithium batteriesKeywords1/9/2017
19S09-371Nanocarbon/Inorganic Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials for Energy Storage and Fuel CellsKeywords12/19/2016
20S16-139Energy Storage in Closed Loop Systems using Microbial ConversionKeywords12/14/2016
21S15-283Stabilizing Coating for Lithium Metal Battery AnodeKeywords12/5/2016
22S14-008Thermoelectrochemical Heat ConverterKeywords10/17/2016
23S15-171Lithium Encapsulation For Safe, Stable Lithium Battery AnodesKeywords4/13/2016
24S13-129Improving Lithium Battery Safety by Bifunctional Separator DesignKeywords3/15/2016
25S15-458Thermoresponsive Material to Prevent Battery FireKeywords3/15/2016


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