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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-277Methods for guiding projection pursuit clustering and matching clusters over samplesKeywords6/19/2017
2S14-117SLIDE: Single Cell Linkage for Distance EstimationKeywords6/7/2017
3S09-141Sensor for Measuring Properties of Liquids and GasesKeywords3/27/2017
4S12-069Compressed Sensing for dimensionality expansion in flow cytometryKeywords3/9/2017
5S03-065DNA linker reagents for detection and quantification of RNA and DNA sequencesKeywords1/24/2017
6S13-299Plasmonic beads for multiplexed protein analysis with flow cytometryKeywords12/19/2016
7S15-338Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer Diagnostics Prognostics as a Guide to Individualized TherapiesKeywords6/22/2016
8S15-051GateFinder: Automated Identification of Simple FACS Signatures from High Dimensional Mass CytometryKeywords3/28/2016
9S14-479MHC dodecamer for detection, phenotyping and quantification of antigen-specific T cellsKeywords3/25/2016
10S09-072Automated estimation of dye detector spectral overlaps to support optimal selection of fluorochrome/detector combinationsKeywords3/10/2016
11S09-339System to improve ease and accuracy of flow cytometryKeywords12/9/2015
12S10-149Data management, storage and analysis technologiesKeywords12/8/2015
13S15-143Platinum-labeled probes for mass cytometryKeywords11/19/2015
14S04-225Algorithms to Model Cellular Networks from Single-Cell DataKeywords8/3/2015
15S14-198A method to sort cells on the basis of radionuclide uptakeKeywords3/24/2015
16S02-059Anti-CCRL2 Monoclonal AntibodyKeywords7/10/2014
17S10-274Flow cytometry microfluidic impedance spectroscopy methods for point-of-use diagnostics and research instrumentsKeywords6/19/2013
18S09-127Mass dots: Nanoparticle isotope tags for high-sensitivity detection and quantification by elemental analysisKeywords7/17/2012
19S01-226Fluorescent labels with tunable properties - New Fluorescent Deoxyribosides and their Incorporation into Combinatorial Fluorophore ArraysKeywords7/12/2012
20S10-010SPADE – Data Analysis and Visualization Software for FACS and other Multidimensional DataKeywords2/22/2012
21S08-347FACS-based assay for detecting basophils and/or eosinophils in bloodKeywords1/18/2012
22S09-004Allergy testing with small whole blood samplesKeywords1/18/2012
23S09-280Monoclonal antibodies to rat NKG2D (NKRP-2) Keywords2/24/2011
24S03-347Internet-Linked System for Directory Protocol Based Data StorageKeywords6/28/2010
25S05-123Knowledge Base CoordinatorKeywords6/28/2010


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