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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-312Diff-seq: A high throughput sequencing-based mismatch detection assay for DNA variantsKeywords1/26/2018
2S16-369CLOuD9- a method for CRISPR-mediated chromosomal looping Keywords11/30/2017
3S13-462Simultaneous Extraction and Separation of RNA and DNA from Single Cells Using Electrophoretic TechniquesKeywords11/29/2017
4S13-022Non-Invasive Imaging for the Detection of Human Embryonic Aneuploidy at the Blastocyst StageKeywords11/14/2017
5S13-137Markers for the Detection of Human Embryo Developmental QualityKeywords11/14/2017
6S16-338Barcoded viral platform for multiplexed functional validation of oncogenic cancer mutations in vivo and uses thereofKeywords8/9/2017
7S13-178RFMix: A fast, discriminative method for inferring local ancestry and correcting phase errorsKeywords4/14/2017
8S11-503Method to Identify Strains of the Genus Dehalococcoides to Enhance BioremediationKeywords8/4/2016
9S12-159Assessing risk for encephalopathy induced by 5-fluorouracil or capecitabineKeywords10/20/2014
10S12-293Compartmentalized integrated biochipsKeywords11/14/2012
11S10-181Non-Invasive Fetal Diagnostics Using Multiplex Digital Quantification by Selective SequencingKeywords6/15/2012


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