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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-278WAVES – a compact, intuitive, wearable haptic device for navigationKeywords10/3/2017
2S16-273Small, Robust, Highly-Sensitive Six-Degree of Freedom Capacitive Force/Torque SensorKeywords8/29/2017
3S16-318High-performance brain-machine interfaces with machine learning algorithm for decoding neural dynamicsKeywords8/9/2017
4S16-288Steering Wheel Skin Stretch Haptic Feedback System Keywords5/22/2017
5S14-269Low-cost sensor for touch and touchless user interfacesKeywords4/7/2017
6S12-425AA Multi-Touch Ultrasonic Touch ScreenKeywords1/23/2017
7S10-147Ergonomic Touch-Free User InterfacesKeywords4/20/2015
8S09-369Detecting and Classifying Body Parts and Gestures in Range ImagesKeywords4/14/2015
9S12-428Haptic Interface with Variable Stiffness and Deformable GeometryKeywords11/7/2013
10S09-343Marker-less Motion Capture with Time-Of-Flight Sensors on Parallel Processing HardwareKeywords8/27/2012
11S10-148Touch-Free Control of DevicesKeywords8/24/2012
12S04-264Architecture of Agent Platform (SPACE)Keywords10/17/2011


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