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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S02-051CT - Improved Sampling in Volumetric CTKeywords4/5/2017
2S09-141Sensor for Measuring Properties of Liquids and GasesKeywords3/27/2017
3S06-454Methods for Improved Tomographic Image ReconstructionKeywords2/15/2017
4S15-034Ultrasound Probe Fixture System to Aid Sensor-based Volumetric Imaging and Needle InsertionKeywords2/3/2017
5S13-299Plasmonic beads for multiplexed protein analysis with flow cytometryKeywords12/19/2016
6S15-224Small Molecule Competitive Magnetic ImmunoassayKeywords11/22/2016
7S15-432Instrumented Mouthguard to Determine Accurate Head Motion During ImpactsKeywords10/25/2016
8S14-390Miniaturized Mammography Phantoms for Quantitative Cancer Risk Prediction and Early DetectionKeywords9/23/2016
9S15-236Real-time RT-PCR for the Detection of Chikungunya VirusKeywords6/27/2016
10S13-017Blood Biomarkers for Monitoring Response to anti-EGFR TherapyKeywords5/26/2016
11S14-042Slip-chip for point-of-care routine urinalysis and microscopy (RUM)Keywords5/23/2016
12S13-173Wireless, Ultra-Low Power Implantable Device Keywords5/5/2016
13S13-130Passive Miniature Wireless Pressure Sensor for Bio-monitoringKeywords2/18/2016
14S14-024Skin-like, Wearable Pressure SensorKeywords2/18/2016
15S13-456Rapid, portable blood ammonia detection device (PAD)Keywords1/21/2016
16S13-430Power management and power conversion for implantable stimulators or sensorsKeywords8/20/2015
17S01-264Medical CAD: An Efficient Colonic Polyp Detection Solution Employing a 3D Free-Form Shape Recognition ApproachKeywords7/15/2015
18S14-453A wirelessly powered, fully internal implant that enables optogenetic stimulation of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system in untethered miceKeywords6/30/2015
19S12-135Nanoprobes For Sensing of Reactive Oxygen and Reactive Nitrogen SpeciesKeywords5/14/2015
20S13-169System and method for developing designer-specific therapies based on modeling of interaction patterns of designer in a group design project.Keywords2/26/2015
21S13-189Modification of PET Blood Collection TubesKeywords1/14/2015
22S14-384Implantable pressure sensors for telemetric measurements through bodily tissuesKeywords12/10/2014
23S13-015A Novel Approach for Detecting Head Collisions in SportsKeywords7/14/2014
24S14-084Device to Reduce Head Injury RiskKeywords7/14/2014
25S14-085Device to Load Body with Head Impact ForceKeywords7/14/2014


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