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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S06-193A New, Integrated Method of Human or Animal Body Modeling with Applications for Animation and TrackingKeywords11/29/2017
2S07-254Automatic Generation of Human Models for Motion Capture, Biomechanics and AnimationKeywords11/29/2017
3S14-269Low-cost sensor for touch and touchless user interfacesKeywords4/7/2017
4S12-425AA Multi-Touch Ultrasonic Touch ScreenKeywords1/23/2017
5S15-432Instrumented Mouthguard to Determine Accurate Head Motion During ImpactsKeywords10/25/2016
6S14-059WiDeo: A Motion Tracing Camera using WiFi SignalsKeywords9/1/2015
7S02-125Target Tracking SystemKeywords8/11/2015
8S10-147Ergonomic Touch-Free User InterfacesKeywords4/20/2015
9S09-369Detecting and Classifying Body Parts and Gestures in Range ImagesKeywords4/14/2015
10S05-433A New Accurate Method of 3D Full Body Motion Capture for Animation Keywords2/26/2015
11S08-122Mesh-based Performance Capture from Multi-view VideoKeywords2/26/2015
12S13-015A Novel Approach for Detecting Head Collisions in SportsKeywords7/14/2014
13S14-084Device to Reduce Head Injury RiskKeywords7/14/2014
14S14-085Device to Load Body with Head Impact ForceKeywords7/14/2014
15S09-343Marker-less Motion Capture with Time-Of-Flight Sensors on Parallel Processing HardwareKeywords8/27/2012
16S10-148Touch-Free Control of DevicesKeywords8/24/2012


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