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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-163Phase-change nanoparticles for neuromodulation Keywords10/19/2017
2S14-349Treating impulse control disorders with deep brain stimulation controlled by electrophysiological biomarkersKeywords5/18/2017
3S14-392Sensitive optical system to record specific neuronal activity in freely moving animalsKeywords1/9/2017
4S16-092Method and system for whole brain imaging and analysisKeywords9/20/2016
5S15-322Compressed sensing high resolution functional magnetic resonance imagingKeywords4/13/2016
6S15-454Methods for functional brain circuit analysisKeywords4/13/2016
7S15-480Methods for modeling and characterizing brain systemsKeywords4/13/2016
8S15-265Carbon fiber optrodes for MRI compatible optogenetics studiesKeywords3/14/2016
9S15-182Online brain machine-interface auto-delete based on motor cortical activityKeywords11/12/2015
10S10-042A high performance brain computer interfaceKeywords7/9/2015
11S12-284A brain machine Interface utilizing an HMM state detectorKeywords7/9/2015
12S14-163A multiplicative recurrent neural network for fast and robust intracortical brain machine interface decodersKeywords7/9/2015
13S14-453A wirelessly powered, fully internal implant that enables optogenetic stimulation of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system in untethered miceKeywords6/30/2015
14S13-095Selective modulation of anxiety featuresKeywords12/9/2013


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