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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-318High-performance brain-machine interfaces with machine learning algorithm for decoding neural dynamicsKeywords8/9/2017
2S17-060Assembly of Functionally-Integrated Forebrain Spheroids from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Study Development and DiseaseKeywords5/1/2017
3S16-125Activity-dependent expression system for labeling and optogenetic control of neuronal circuitsKeywords2/24/2017
4S14-392Sensitive optical system to record specific neuronal activity in freely moving animalsKeywords1/9/2017
5S16-093Low Cost, High-Throughput CLARITY Imaging with Single-Cell Resolution and Axon VisualizationKeywords9/20/2016
6S16-092Method and system for whole brain imaging and analysisKeywords9/20/2016
7S15-285bReaCh-ES: An optogenetic tool for stimulating neurons with red lightKeywords11/2/2015
8S14-355Human Cortical Spheroid for Mimicking Brain FunctionKeywords7/30/2015
9S14-310Dopamine2 Specific PromoterKeywords3/9/2015
10S13-095Selective modulation of anxiety featuresKeywords12/9/2013
11S10-195Mouse Model for Visualizing SynapsesKeywords10/24/2011
12S11-037Compounds for Pain Treatment and Ion Channel ResearchKeywords10/3/2011


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