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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-230Compact Dual-Mode Imaging Device for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics Keywords3/27/2017
2S13-240Novel organic polymer nanoparticles emitting near infrared fluorescence and their application to biological imagingKeywords2/2/2017
3S06-409Novel molecular imaging contrast agents for photo-acoustic imagingKeywords7/12/2016
4S14-092In-Vivo Specific Absorption Rate Mapping using the Thermoacoustic EffectKeywords7/8/2016
5S10-422Novel Nanoparticle for multi-modality molecular imagingKeywords5/24/2016
6S11-214(1) An improved method for operating CMUTs under high and varying pressure, and (2) Production of pre-charged CMUTs for zero-external-bias operationKeywords8/6/2015
7S12-195Multi-Functional In Vivo Cardiovascular Imaging Using Near-Infrared II FluorescenceKeywords8/8/2014
8S98-001Sagnac Acoustic Fiber Sensor ArrayKeywords4/4/2013
9S98-002Common-Path Interferometric Sensor ArrayKeywords4/4/2013
10S99-185Novel Configuration Of A Folded Sagnac Sensor ArrayKeywords4/4/2013
11S08-190Improved Method for Fabricating 2-D CMUT ArraysKeywords4/17/2012


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