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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-093Flexible Three-axis Capacitive Static and Dynamic Tactile SensorKeywords1/10/2018
2S15-444Paperfuge: a low-cost, high-speed, human-powered centrifuge Keywords11/8/2017
3S13-034Metal Insulator Transition Point BiosensorKeywords8/1/2017
4S15-437Platform for functional analysis of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesKeywords7/24/2017
5S14-315Enhancing the performance of the light field microscope using phase masksKeywords6/28/2017
6S16-135Tuning of reversible and irreversible electroporation lesions by manipulating pulse waveformsKeywords2/16/2017
7S12-094Method and Apparatus for Sample Delivery in Serial Femtosecond X-ray Crystallography: Electrospinning Protein Crystals in VacuoKeywords12/15/2016
8S05-189Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonator SensorKeywords9/14/2016
9S14-086Nanoscale optical tomography with cathodoluminescence spectroscopyKeywords6/21/2016
10S15-454Methods for functional brain circuit analysisKeywords4/13/2016
11S15-480Methods for modeling and characterizing brain systemsKeywords4/13/2016
12S15-439Ultra-Wide Field, High-Resolution Fluorescent MicroscopeKeywords3/10/2016
13S15-390FIP microscope for simultaneous multi-site measurement of neuronal circuit dynamicsKeywords2/22/2016
14S07-132MagSweeper: high purity capture of circulating tumor cells and other rare cellsKeywords1/11/2016
15S14-453A wirelessly powered, fully internal implant that enables optogenetic stimulation of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system in untethered miceKeywords6/30/2015
16S14-067A Novel Fluorescence Imaging Method in the Entire Near-Infrared WindowKeywords3/24/2015
17S14-198A method to sort cells on the basis of radionuclide uptakeKeywords3/24/2015
18S13-189Modification of PET Blood Collection TubesKeywords1/14/2015
19S08-024Prototyping station for atomic force microscope-assisted deposition of nanostructuresKeywords11/25/2014
20S97-108Universal Fluid Microdrop EjectorKeywords10/23/2014
21S13-416Organosiloxane Surfaces with Covalently Bound Enzymes for Protein Analysis by Mass SpectrometryKeywords10/15/2014
22S03-150Improved Pumping Media for E-O pumpsKeywords7/30/2013
23S05-116An Orientation Independent EO PumpKeywords7/19/2013
24S12-293Compartmentalized integrated biochipsKeywords11/14/2012
25S09-231C-Aperture Nano-Tip (CAN-Tip)Keywords7/23/2012


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