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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S04-112High Q InductorKeywords10/5/2017
2S11-266ALow Loss Nano-apertureKeywords7/14/2017
3S10-250Air-Stable Ink RollingKeywords7/14/2017
4S09-327Spectrum Sharing and Management of Cognitive TransmissionKeywords12/20/2016
5S11-266VCSEL Nanoscope for Near-field ApplicationsKeywords7/13/2016
6S10-392Sorting Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic DevicesKeywords12/9/2015
7S13-403New Polymer Dielectrics for TransistorsKeywords10/20/2015
8S08-025Dielectric Surface Engineering and Modification in Organic Thin Film TransistorsKeywords10/20/2015
9S09-055High Fidelity, Radiation Tolerant Analog-to-Digital ConverterKeywords6/23/2015
10S06-093A Novel Heterostructure FET with High On Current and Low LeakageKeywords12/2/2014
11S01-249High Permittivity Dielectrics for Ge-based MOS ApplicationsKeywords10/23/2014
12S08-267Tensile-Strained Germanium Membrane for High-Performance OptoelectronicsKeywords9/9/2014
13S13-311Electro-Assisted Transfer and Fabrication of Vertical Silicon Wire ArraysKeywords8/26/2013
14S99-180Semiconductor Device Manufacturing MethodKeywords7/30/2013
15S03-197Elastomer Spatial Light Modulators for EUV LithographyKeywords7/26/2013
16S06-086Heterostructure Negative Differential Resistance DeviceKeywords7/17/2013
17S09-042MRI - A Frequency Offset Cartesian Feedback SystemKeywords7/15/2013
18S05-336Semiconducting Single-Walled Nanotubes and Approaches ThereforKeywords6/14/2011
19S10-279Optoelectronic Device Integration with WaveguidesKeywords4/27/2011
20S04-344Germanium-Silicon Electroabsorption ModulatorKeywords4/18/2011
21S08-091Graphene SheetsKeywords1/14/2011
22S98-105Noise-Reducing Partitioning Scheme for Signal Processing SystemsKeywords4/8/2010
23S00-155Local Oscillator Phase Alignment System for Cartesian Feedback Power AmplifiersKeywords12/12/2008
24S04-104Nonvolatile Sequential Circuits with low power consumptionKeywords7/15/2008
25S97-166Simultaneous Multi-Channel bit Serial Multiplication and QuantizationKeywords11/15/2007


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