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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S14-368Sensitive and specific label-free detection with portable/wearable microfluidic biosensor deviceKeywords2/14/2018
2S16-031Unbleachable genetically encoded fluorophoresKeywords12/7/2017
3S17-356PET probes for imaging apoptosisKeywords11/30/2017
4S13-291Facilitating the controlled growth of catalysts and dielectrics on graphene surfacesKeywords11/28/2017
5S12-493Confocal and Concave 1D photonic crystal resonant cavities with ultra-low mode volumeKeywords8/7/2017
6S13-034Metal Insulator Transition Point BiosensorKeywords8/1/2017
7S14-013Thermoacoustic Biometric Authentication with 3D Map of Blood VesselsKeywords6/16/2017
8S15-438Stretchable Semiconductor via Polymer BlendingKeywords6/13/2017
9S15-248Highly Conductive, Stretchable PolymerKeywords6/12/2017
10S12-078A New Molecular Method for Cargo Delivery Across the Algal Cell Barrier Based on Guandinium-Rich Molecular TransportersKeywords5/11/2017
11S11-256Optical fibers functionalized with photonic crystal cavitiesKeywords3/21/2017
12S16-295Fast sensor for simultaneous atmospheric measurement of methane, ethane and propaneKeywords3/10/2017
13S12-300Remote sensing, imaging, or screening of embedded or concealed objectsKeywords12/19/2016
14S13-299Plasmonic beads for multiplexed protein analysis with flow cytometryKeywords12/19/2016
15S12-312Biological cell nanocavity probesKeywords12/15/2016
16S13-031Optical trapping of sub-10nm particles using plasmonic coaxial aperturesKeywords6/27/2016
17S13-173Wireless, Ultra-Low Power Implantable Device Keywords5/5/2016
18S13-130Passive Miniature Wireless Pressure Sensor for Bio-monitoringKeywords2/18/2016
19S14-024Skin-like, Wearable Pressure SensorKeywords2/18/2016
20S14-087A method for short range wireless data communication using wireless poweringKeywords8/25/2015
21S12-135Nanoprobes For Sensing of Reactive Oxygen and Reactive Nitrogen SpeciesKeywords5/14/2015
22S13-392A live-cell sensor for cyclin-dependent kinase 2 activityKeywords4/8/2015
23S14-384Implantable pressure sensors for telemetric measurements through bodily tissuesKeywords12/10/2014
24S13-389ASAP1 and ASAP2: Fluorescent voltage sensor with fast kinetics for imaging high-frequency neuronal electrical activityKeywords5/1/2014
25S13-396A photonic micro-structured vacuum-ultraviolet radiation source based on solid-state frequency conversionKeywords4/3/2014


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