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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S13-125Coating of electronic thin filmsKeywords11/14/2017
2S16-418Broadband, polarization-independent, omnidirectional, metamaterial-based antireflection coating for solar cellsKeywords10/26/2017
3S13-410Solution-state assembly of intrinsic broadband white-light emittersKeywords10/23/2017
4S13-484Ultrathin dielectric metasurface optical elements for easy fabrication and integration with semiconductor electronicsKeywords9/25/2017
5S09-229Efficient, Light-Absorbing Nanowire Antenna Solar Cells and DetectorsKeywords9/25/2017
6S08-236Thermally Enhanced Photoemission for Solar Energy HarvestingKeywords8/7/2017
7S09-139Nanocone Substrate Structure for PhotovoltaicsKeywords8/7/2017
8S09-257CNT-enhanced Nanomaterial MembraneKeywords7/14/2017
9S09-418Nanofiber Transparent ElectrodesKeywords7/14/2017
10S10-250Air-Stable Ink RollingKeywords7/14/2017
11S13-466Laser liftoff of epitaxial thin film structuresKeywords6/22/2017
12S17-075Alloyed halide double perovskites as solar-cell absorbersKeywords6/19/2017
13S15-105Metal-dielectric hybrid surfaces as integrated optoelectronic interfaces with high optical transmittance and low sheet resistanceKeywords4/28/2017
14S16-376Ultrafast, scalable fabrication of mechanically robust perovskite filmsKeywords4/4/2017
15S15-455Metal-halide double perovskites as solar-cell absorbersKeywords10/17/2016
16S08-142Solution Sheared Deposition of Organic Semiconductor Thin-Films with Oriented Crystalline Morphology Keywords1/21/2016
17S12-369Method of Organic Semiconductor Thin FilmKeywords1/21/2016
18S12-243Ultra thin film nanostructured solar cellKeywords11/10/2015
19S14-150Transfer lamination for silver nanowire transparent electrodesKeywords10/30/2015
20S11-027Highly Oriented Crystal Silicon Film for Photovoltaic CellsKeywords6/29/2015
21S11-172High Surface Area Transparent Conductive ElectrodesKeywords5/26/2015
22S12-217MEMS-Based Thermionic Energy Converter for AC Power OutputKeywords1/21/2015
23S14-189A Layered Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cell Absorber with Enhanced Moisture StabilityKeywords10/6/2014
24S13-136Low Work-function, Mechanically and Thermally Robust Emitter for Thermionic Energy ConvertersKeywords7/31/2014
25S12-012Nanostructured material for high efficiency single junction solar cellsKeywords4/28/2014


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