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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S09-396A structure for transparent energy storageKeywords7/14/2017
2S09-418Nanofiber Transparent ElectrodesKeywords7/14/2017
3S14-269Low-cost sensor for touch and touchless user interfacesKeywords4/7/2017
4S12-425AA Multi-Touch Ultrasonic Touch ScreenKeywords1/23/2017
5S13-161Method and Apparatus for Sensing TouchKeywords10/4/2016
6S13-491Pressure-Sensitive Electrode Material, Means and Methods of UseKeywords2/18/2016
7S14-211Self-Powered Electronic Skin Keywords2/18/2016
8S15-225Electrochromic Resistive Pressure SensorKeywords2/18/2016
9S08-142Solution Sheared Deposition of Organic Semiconductor Thin-Films with Oriented Crystalline Morphology Keywords1/21/2016
10S12-369Method of Organic Semiconductor Thin FilmKeywords1/21/2016
11S15-375Scalable Process for High Performance Polymer Transparent ConductorsKeywords1/21/2016
12S10-356Magnetic Levitation based Tactile Sensation Touch ScreenKeywords6/23/2015
13S12-107Strong and stable doping of carbon nanotubes and graphene by MoOx for transparent electrodesKeywords11/19/2013
14S11-310A Braille Input Technology for Portable DevicesKeywords4/9/2013
15S10-085High Performance Composite Solution-Processed Transparent ConductorsKeywords1/14/2011
16S06-190Flexible Pressure SensorsKeywords11/10/2010
17S10-252Three-dimensional Touch Technology for Intuitive Human-Computer InteractionKeywords11/10/2010


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