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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-198Stable Interface for Lithium Batteries via Stitching Two-Dimensional Atomic Crystals by Atomic Layer DepositionKeywords2/8/2018
2S17-132An Ultrastable Rechargeable Manganese Battery with Solid-Liquid-Gas ReactionsKeywords1/29/2018
3S15-203Hexacyanometallates as Highly Conducting Solid Electrolytes for BatteriesKeywords1/29/2018
4S15-120Alternative Energy with Efficient, Low-cost Mixing Entropy BatteryKeywords1/29/2018
5S17-264High-efficiency Oxygen Reduction to Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Oxidized Carbon MaterialsKeywords1/22/2018
6S17-009Renewable Electricity and Hydrogen Fuel Generation with Switchable Photoelectrochemical CellKeywords11/30/2017
7S13-291Facilitating the controlled growth of catalysts and dielectrics on graphene surfacesKeywords11/28/2017
8S13-125Coating of electronic thin filmsKeywords11/14/2017
9S16-418Broadband, polarization-independent, omnidirectional, metamaterial-based antireflection coating for solar cellsKeywords10/26/2017
10S17-199Vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) with multi-point bearing supportKeywords10/24/2017
11S11-452Method for tuning work function using surface photovoltage and producing ultra-low-work-function surfacesKeywords10/24/2017
12S13-410Solution-state assembly of intrinsic broadband white-light emittersKeywords10/23/2017
13S17-324Stable tin-lead halide alloys for perovskite solar cellsKeywords10/17/2017
14S09-229Efficient, Light-Absorbing Nanowire Antenna Solar Cells and DetectorsKeywords9/25/2017
15S13-484Ultrathin dielectric metasurface optical elements for easy fabrication and integration with semiconductor electronicsKeywords9/25/2017
16S09-139Nanocone Substrate Structure for PhotovoltaicsKeywords8/7/2017
17S08-236Thermally Enhanced Photoemission for Solar Energy HarvestingKeywords8/7/2017
18S13-238Efficient High-temperature Photoelectrochemical CellKeywords8/7/2017
19S11-344High Performance Alkali-Ion BatteriesKeywords8/1/2017
20S14-006Nanoscale Interfacial Engineering with Interconnected Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Stable Lithium Metal AnodeKeywords8/1/2017
21S11-046Framework Structure Battery Electrodes With High Power and Long Cycle LifeKeywords7/14/2017
22S09-257CNT-enhanced Nanomaterial MembraneKeywords7/14/2017
23S09-418Nanofiber Transparent ElectrodesKeywords7/14/2017
24S10-250Air-Stable Ink RollingKeywords7/14/2017
25S15-463Method for enhanced microbial electrosynthesis by using defined co-culturesKeywords7/5/2017

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