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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S14-368Sensitive and specific label-free detection with portable/wearable microfluidic biosensor deviceKeywords2/14/2018
2S12-386Blood test to determine patient responsiveness to MS therapeuticsKeywords2/13/2018
3S09-039Wash-Free Analyte Detection AssayKeywords2/9/2018
4S01-139AT Cell Regulatory Genes Associated With Immune DiseaseKeywords2/7/2018
5S15-166Recombinant human monoclonal antibodies for use in Rotavirus vaccine design Keywords2/1/2018
6S17-279Single Cell Morphometric Profiling for Next Generation Clinical Cytometry DiagnosticsKeywords2/1/2018
7S17-312Diff-seq: A high throughput sequencing-based mismatch detection assay for DNA variantsKeywords1/26/2018
8S17-169Microfluidics device for high-throughput liquid biopsy and other cellular analysesKeywords1/23/2018
9S17-093Flexible Three-axis Capacitive Static and Dynamic Tactile SensorKeywords1/10/2018
10S13-350FLOWSPOT: A Method for Detection and Measurement of Specific Cellular ResponsesKeywords12/19/2017
11S16-365High-specificity proximity ligation assay to enable detection with low-affinity agentsKeywords12/19/2017
12S16-313Automated single cell expression profiling in intact tissue by highly multiplexed in situ hybridizationKeywords12/18/2017
13S16-031Unbleachable genetically encoded fluorophoresKeywords12/7/2017
14S16-369CLOuD9- a method for CRISPR-mediated chromosomal looping Keywords11/30/2017
15S17-356PET probes for imaging apoptosisKeywords11/30/2017
16S13-462Simultaneous Extraction and Separation of RNA and DNA from Single Cells Using Electrophoretic TechniquesKeywords11/29/2017
17S13-291Facilitating the controlled growth of catalysts and dielectrics on graphene surfacesKeywords11/28/2017
18S12-313Two dimensional magnetic trap arrays for droplet controlKeywords11/21/2017
19S13-022Non-Invasive Imaging for the Detection of Human Embryonic Aneuploidy at the Blastocyst StageKeywords11/14/2017
20S13-137Markers for the Detection of Human Embryo Developmental QualityKeywords11/14/2017
21S15-444Paperfuge: a low-cost, high-speed, human-powered centrifuge Keywords11/8/2017
22S14-045Compact device for low-cost, real-time monitoring of blood coagulationKeywords11/6/2017
23S08-436Magnetic Separation for Cell Sorting and AnalysisRe-Marketing Materials for your review for S08-436, "Magnetic Separation for Cell Sorting and Analysis"Keywords11/1/2017
24S09-344Monoclonal Antibodies to Identify and Remove Teratoma-initiating Stem CellsKeywords10/30/2017
25S07-350Fluorogenic Compounds for Superresolution Imaging in Biological SystemsKeywords10/27/2017

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