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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S13-500Probes for detecting carbapenem resistant bacteriaKeywords8/23/2017
2S16-416Prognostic Biomarker for Responsiveness to Anti-CD47 Immunotherapy Keywords8/18/2017
3S16-338Barcoded viral platform for multiplexed functional validation of oncogenic cancer mutations in vivo and uses thereof.Keywords8/9/2017
4S16-332Light sheet fluorescence microscopy using high speed structured and pivoting illuminationKeywords8/9/2017
5S12-486Predicting and Improving Embryo and Oocyte Viability Through Mechanical Measurements and BiomarkersKeywords8/8/2017
6S15-282Probes for mycobacterium detectionKeywords8/8/2017
7S12-493Confocal and Concave 1D photonic crystal resonant cavities with ultra-low mode volumeKeywords8/7/2017
8S13-034Metal Insulator Transition Point BiosensorKeywords8/1/2017
9S15-437Platform for functional analysis of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesKeywords7/24/2017
10S10-154High speed Radiation detection using MODFET semiconductor devicesKeywords7/14/2017
11S15-129Urinary Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer Detection Keywords7/10/2017
12S16-396A sensor of coincident calcium and light for detecting and controlling neuronal activity via a transcriptional outputKeywords7/5/2017
13S14-315Enhancing the performance of the light field microscope using phase masksKeywords6/28/2017
14S16-277Methods for guiding projection pursuit clustering and matching clusters over samplesKeywords6/19/2017
15S15-065Polyclonal antibody against Myt1l Keywords6/13/2017
16S15-438Stretchable Semiconductor via Polymer BlendingKeywords6/13/2017
17S15-359Rapid avidin-based detection and quantification of basophil activationKeywords6/12/2017
18S15-248Highly Conductive, Stretchable PolymerKeywords6/12/2017
19S13-052A Novel Engineered anti-CD20 Tracer Enables Early Time PET Imaging of Non-Hodgkins LymphomaKeywords6/5/2017
20S13-321Tumor-Specific Minicircles for Cancer ScreeningKeywords5/26/2017
21S12-078A New Molecular Method for Cargo Delivery Across the Algal Cell Barrier Based on Guandinium-Rich Molecular TransportersKeywords5/11/2017
22S16-098Monoclonal antibody to CD6, Clone 34-3Keywords4/28/2017
23S16-441Culture-based human model of pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PanIN) for screening drug targets and biomarkers for early stage pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA).Keywords4/26/2017
24S16-119Carbon Nanotube Sensor for Real-Time Ultrasensitive Point-of-Care Iron DetectionKeywords4/24/2017
25S15-409SNAIL-RCA: A method for multiplexed RNA visualization in single cells Keywords4/24/2017

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