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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S17-308On-Demand Electrically Controlled Drug Release from Resorbable pH-Sensitive NanocompositesKeywords12/21/2017
2S17-088Synthekines: synthetic cytokines to elicit signaling through non-natural receptor dimers Keywords12/19/2017
3S13-350FLOWSPOT: A Method for Detection and Measurement of Specific Cellular ResponsesKeywords12/19/2017
4S16-313Automated single cell expression profiling in intact tissue by highly multiplexed in situ hybridizationKeywords12/18/2017
5S17-087Improved red indicator for cellular calcium assaysKeywords12/8/2017
6S16-031Unbleachable genetically encoded fluorophoresKeywords12/7/2017
7S13-039Targeting Usp16 for Treatment of Down's SyndromeKeywords12/7/2017
8S17-270Safe and efficient vibrotactile multi-channel stimulation for the treatment of brain disordersKeywords12/6/2017
9S16-369CLOuD9- a method for CRISPR-mediated chromosomal looping Keywords11/30/2017
10S17-259Multicomponent oral therapy to treat Alzheimer’s Disease Keywords11/29/2017
11S16-347Combinatorial CRISPR screening platform to discover novel driver genes for regenerative medicine and cell therapyKeywords11/15/2017
12S16-038Luminescence Assay for Nucleotide Pool Sanitation Enzyme ActivityKeywords11/14/2017
13S16-206Method for the screening of inhibitors of MYC oncogene functionKeywords11/10/2017
14S16-403Algebraic reconstruction method for off-resonance and eddy-current correction in functional and diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imagingKeywords10/30/2017
15S07-350Fluorogenic Compounds for Superresolution Imaging in Biological SystemsKeywords10/27/2017
16S17-283Contrast Dose Reduction for Medical Imaging Using Deep LearningKeywords10/25/2017
17S14-300Compositions and methods for regulation of gene expression with and detection of folinic acid and folatesKeywords10/19/2017
18S17-163Phase-change nanoparticles for neuromodulation Keywords10/19/2017
19S14-381Non-Silencing Plasmid Vectors for Sustained High Level Expression of TransgenesKeywords10/17/2017
20S17-056TIGER- a method to detect protein-protein interactions Keywords10/10/2017
21S16-414ISAP- a PCR-based method for isotype-specific antibody detection Keywords10/9/2017
22S16-022In vivo site-specific protein tagging using engineered sortase variantsKeywords9/13/2017
23S17-248Therapeutic targets to limit high-grade glioma spread Keywords8/28/2017
24S16-318High-performance brain-machine interfaces with machine learning algorithm for decoding neural dynamicsKeywords8/9/2017
25S15-437Platform for functional analysis of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesKeywords7/24/2017

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