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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S01-139AT Cell Regulatory Genes Associated With Immune DiseaseKeywords2/7/2018
2S17-312Diff-seq: A high throughput sequencing-based mismatch detection assay for DNA variantsKeywords1/26/2018
3S16-444“One genome” cell-free DNA analysis for monitoring transplant healthKeywords1/9/2018
4S13-462Simultaneous Extraction and Separation of RNA and DNA from Single Cells Using Electrophoretic TechniquesKeywords11/29/2017
5S17-301MetaRibo-Seq: A technology to study protein synthesis of the human fecal gut microbiotaKeywords10/25/2017
6S13-343Customizable Genotyping with Digital PCR PlatformKeywords9/13/2017
7S16-250MACHETE – algorithm for automated detection of RNA gene fusionsKeywords7/11/2017
8S13-087High-efficiency multiplexed targeted resequencingKeywords6/12/2017
9S15-409SNAIL-RCA: A method for multiplexed RNA visualization in single cells Keywords4/24/2017
10S15-164STR-Seq: a technology for massively parallel STR sequencing and genotypingKeywords3/7/2017
11S15-387Amplified Isothermal Detection of Nucleic Acids With Luciferase SignalingKeywords1/26/2017
12S03-065DNA linker reagents for detection and quantification of RNA and DNA sequencesKeywords1/24/2017
13S13-111High-Gain Thompson-Scattering X-Ray Free-Electron Laser by Time-Synchronic Laterally Tilted Optical WaveKeywords12/12/2016
14S15-309Third Generation Sequencing Alignment AlgorithmKeywords11/7/2016
15S15-430Method to completely characterize the highly polymorphic KIR genomic regionKeywords8/5/2016
16S11-503Method to Identify Strains of the Genus Dehalococcoides to Enhance BioremediationKeywords8/4/2016
17S11-281ChiRP - RNA interactome analysisKeywords6/14/2016
18S15-267Fast, low cost method for pan-bacterial species identification Keywords5/31/2016
19S10-240APharmGKB- Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Database Keywords4/27/2016
20S14-340Nanoparticle-based Emulsifier for Droplet MicrofluidicsKeywords2/9/2016
21S14-324Cancer module discovery (“CaMoDi”) using gene expression dataKeywords2/5/2015
22S10-233Fast, direct DNA capture and sequencingKeywords2/2/2015
23S13-457Single-cell T cell receptor sequencing and simultaneous phenotypingKeywords6/24/2014
24S95-048Point-sink DNA Shearing DeviceKeywords2/5/2014
25S00-045Genomic Analysis with Molecular Inversion ProbesKeywords5/2/2013


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