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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-206Method for the screening of inhibitors of MYC oncogene functionKeywords11/10/2017
2S15-175LuCaP prostate cell linesKeywords6/7/2017
3S16-094Screening tool to detect MYC-driven cancers and stratify patients for immune-based therapiesKeywords12/14/2016
4S11-018Methods for Generating Inner Ear Cells In VitroKeywords7/13/2016
5S11-188Chromatin in-vivo Assay (CiA) mouseKeywords8/24/2015
6S06-394BR-spondin1-producing cell lineKeywords8/7/2015
7S07-069Reporter cell line for TGFbeta signalingKeywords6/30/2015
8S11-143AHCC Cell LineKeywords6/26/2015
9S13-057DICE: dual-integrase cassette exchangeKeywords5/2/2015
10S01-245GAnti-Pknox monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
11S01-245EAnti-Pbx3b monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
12S01-245DAnti-Pbx3a Monoclonal AntibodyKeywords4/21/2015
13S01-245AAnti-Pbx1a monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
14S98-122Soluble CD81 Fusion ConstructsKeywords4/17/2015
15S06-455Monoclonal Antibody against human LMO2 Antigen Keywords4/13/2015
16S10-347Targeting a novel gene in human embryonic stem cells creates unique strategies for isolating and analyzing developing endodermKeywords3/2/2015
17S13-001H11 and 2F3 cell line Keywords12/19/2014
18S89-113Anti-T Cell Receptor MAB Pool - LC4 AntibodyKeywords7/18/2014
19S78-017Monoclonal Antibodies: 11-6 anti-Ig-5b, 11-5 anti-I-A (2), 11-4 anti-H-2Kk, 11-3 anti-I-A917), 10-4 anti-Ig-5a, H-12 anti-THY 1.2Keywords7/17/2014
20S11-222Analysis and optimization of gene expression using synthetic promotersKeywords6/25/2013
21S96-119Anti-canine Rab9 (mouse) antibodyKeywords11/14/2011
22S04-250Monoclonal antibodies against rat NKp30 (rNKp30)Keywords11/8/2011
23S03-157AAnti-MLL.N Monoclonal AntibodyKeywords4/4/2011
24S05-164Cell-based assay for Wnt signalingKeywords1/11/2011
25S93-118Antibodies to Carbohydrate Determinants of the Human Peripheral Lymph Node AddressinKeywords6/28/2010

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