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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S00-123Virtual Interactive Solids with Dynamic Multimedia - Virtual Interactive Models (VIM)Keywords11/3/2017
2S06-178An Exact Dynamic Collision Checker for Animation and CAD/Robotic Applications (MPK)Keywords9/25/2017
3S11-252Golf Swing SOXKeywords7/17/2017
4S05-411Accelerated tomographic image reconstruction algorithms on Graphics Processing Units (GPU)Keywords7/13/2017
5S10-455Real-Time Tool for Analyzing Behavior in Large SystemsKeywords8/16/2016
6S06-452A method to use tissue-scattered coincidence photons in positron emission tomographyKeywords8/1/2016
7S05-349Convex Parimutuel Call Auction MechanismKeywords3/9/2015
8S05-186Method and System to Model TCP Throughput, Assess Power Control Measures, and Compensate for Fading and Path Loss for Highly Mobile Broadband SystemsKeywords2/26/2015
9S06-413Motion-Compensated Orthogonal Video TransformKeywords5/27/2014
10S98-109Methods for Analysis of Large Sets of Multiparameter DataKeywords9/3/2013
11S06-489Make 3-D-Reconstructing Full 3-D Structure from a Single Still ImageKeywords7/29/2013
12S08-152ZunaVision: Automatic Video Composition and Blending for Creating Advertisement InventoryKeywords11/16/2012
13S12-199High Accuracy Object Recognition in Still ImagesKeywords8/21/2012
14S06-366A Method for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction using Correlation ValuesKeywords5/29/2012
15S97-217Workstation Ergonomics Training ProgramKeywords5/3/2012
16S06-047MRI - "IDEAL" MRI: Weighted Least-squares Water-Fat SeparationKeywords12/14/2011
17S06-048MRI - "IDEAL" MRI: Regularized Water-Fat SeparationKeywords12/14/2011
18S06-007MRI - "IDEAL" MRI: Self-Calibration Methods for Parallel Imaging and Multi-Point Water-Fat Separation MethodsKeywords12/14/2011
19S07-004MRI - A Fast Method for Designing Time-Optimal Gradient Waveforms for Arbitrary k-Space TrajectoriesKeywords12/14/2011
20S06-046MRI - "IDEAL" MRI: Calibration Maps for Parallel Imaging Free of Chemical Shift ArtifactKeywords12/14/2011
21S02-105FlexTree: Binary Tree for Complex Supervised LearningKeywords11/21/2011
22S04-264Architecture of Agent Platform (SPACE)Keywords10/17/2011
23S10-191File Sharing by Relationships (FSxR)Keywords3/14/2011
24S05-123Knowledge Base CoordinatorKeywords6/28/2010
25S04-337A Multi-Domain Dialogue Management SystemKeywords12/17/2009


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