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Docket #: S21-161

Specialized Urine Collection System Addresses Patient Care Gap

A Registered Nurse (RN) in Stanford Health Care's Neuroscience ICU has developed a suction urine collection system for bed-bound incontinent male patients with retractile (buried) or uncircumcised penis.

There is no existing standard of care in the inpatient practice setting that effectively addresses incontinence of bed-bound incontinent male patients with retractile or uncircumcised penis. Existing external urinary collection systems on the market (e.g., condom catheters, ReliaFit Male Urinary Device) rely on friction fit and passive or semi-passive wicking mechanisms (e.g., gravity) to remove urine away from the patient's skin. Poor fit adherence results in urine leaks, and passive wicking results in pooling of urine near the skin. Ineffective management of incontinent events require nurses to reprioritize care on patient cleanup to reduce the risk of patients developing skin issues. In a pinch, nurses will resort to putting diapers on these patients. This practical workaround decreases nursing burden but increases the risk of skin integrity issues arising from continued skin-urine contact with this solution.

This new standalone device features a pouch, absorbent material that actively wicks urine away from the skin for complete emptying and facilitates reinflation of the pouch, and flexible tubing that connects to suction on the headwall. The device creates a closed system that allows for 100% urinary collection, keeps the skin dry, and provides for accurate measurement of urine output required for accurate input and output (I/Os) and medication adjustments (e.g., diuretic titration).

The device can be used in any care setting where active suctioning equipment is available including hospital intensive care units (ICUs), hospital medical-surgical units, skilled nursing facilities (NSF), long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, rehab/sub-acute care facilities, and home health situations involving delivery of skilled nursing care for bed-bound patients in the home equipped with home suctioning equipment. The device may also be optimized to accommodate patient self-care in the home.

Overview of the device (image credit: the inventor)

Stage of Development
A functional prototype of the device has been developed and tested in the target patient population in the neuro ICU. The inventor is interested in participating in further co-development of the device.


  • Urine collection for bed-bound incontinent male patients with retractile (buried) or uncircumcised penis


  • Purpose-built solution for male patients that don't have intact or 'normal' anatomy.
  • Actively wicks urine away from the patient's skin resulting in decreased risks to skin integrity
  • Facilitates reduced use of indwelling Foley catheters translating into lower rates of Catheter-Acquired Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) in incontinent hospitalized patients.

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