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Docket NumberTitlePI's
S21-015Ambient temperature olefin and hydrogen production through high-pressure catalysisMungo Frost, Siegfried Glenzer, Emma McBride, Dean Smith, Jesse Smith
S14-009CK2 inhibitors for treating medulloblastomaTeresa Purzner, Matthew Scott
S21-350Low-Resistance Alloyed Metal Contacts to 2D and Bulk Semiconductor MaterialsAravindh Kumar, Katie Neilson, Eric Pop, Krishna Saraswat, Kirstin Schauble
S21-353Small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapy PLN-R14del cardiomyopathyPieter Glijnis, Ioannis Karakikes
S22-165Method for Biosynthesis of Tetrahydropapaverine and Semi-Synthesis of Papaverine in Yeast Aaron Cravens, Osman Jamil, James Payne, Christina Smolke
S21-246Geometric-Phase Metasurface Optofluidics for Microlens-Free Planar Light-Field DisplaysMark Brongersma, Qitong Li, Jung-Hwan Song, Jorik Van De Groep
S21-247Geometric-Phase Metasurface Optofluidics for Dynamic On-Demand Transmissive Flat Optics & Ultra-Compact RefractometersMark Brongersma, Qitong Li, Jung-Hwan Song, Jorik Van De Groep
S21-249Metasurface Optofluidics for Reflective Displays Integrated on Transparent SubstrateMark Brongersma, Qitong Li, Jung-Hwan Song, Jorik Van De Groep
S21-373Therapeutic application of SARS-COV-2 NSP1 protein for treating neurodegenerative diseasesBingwei Lu, Suman Rimal, Mohd ishaq Tantray, Xingjun Wang
S22-315Multiomic Microsampling Methods and ApplicationsDaniel Hornburg, Ryan Kellogg, Xiaotao Shen, Michael Snyder
S11-488Phasing Algorithm That Incorporates Sequencing Read Data To Improve Haplotype InferenceCarlos Bustamante, Fouad Zakharia
S15-361Identifying individuals from a collection of genomes using allele presence queriesCarlos Bustamante, Suyash Shringarpure
S20-025Rapid, simultaneous detection of multiple N-acetyltransferase gene polymorphisms and prediction of isoniazid metabolism to optimize treatment of tuberculosisJason Andrews, Renu Verma
S20-218First-in-class isoform-specific aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH1B1 and ALDH1A3) inhibitors for cancerJames Chen, Zhiping Feng, Marisa Hom, Toni Kline, Cody Marshall, Alison Ondrus
S21-459CRISPR-based gene editing platform to treat FOXP3-mediated immune dysregulationRosa Bacchetta, Simon Borna, Esmond Lee, Matthew Porteus, Maria-Grazia Roncarolo
S21-030Controlled engulfing and ejection of a microbead into and out of a microdropletRonald Davis, Lambertus Hesselink, Michael Jensen, Punnag Padhy, Mohammad Asif Zaman
S22-140Efficient Analog Backpropagation Training Architecture for Photonic Neural NetworksShanhui Fan, Tyler Hughes, David Miller, Momchil Minkov, Sunil Pai, Olav Solgaard, Zhanghao Sun, Ian Williamson
S11-262Epidermal growth factor (EGF) mutants for wound healing and tissue engineeringJennifer Andersen, Bob Chen, Jennifer Cochran, Cheuk Lun Leung, Bertrand Lui, James Swartz
S06-058Engineered EGF polypeptides for improved epidermal and epithelial wound healingJennifer Cochran, Karl Wittrup
S22-126Lung cancer detection via exosomal RNAsUtkan Demirci, Daniel Kim, Sandy Napel, Mehmet Ozen, Roman Reggiardo
S22-139LightHash: Photonic Blockchain Based on Optical Proof-of-WorkMarshall Ball, Michael Dubrovsky, Shanhui Fan, David Miller, Sunil Pai, Bogdan Penkovsky, Olav Solgaard
S22-155Spinning-enabled Wireless Amphibious Origami MillirobotShuai Wu, Qiji Ze, Renee Zhao
S21-385Chemically reversible 2’-OH acylation protects RNA from hydrolytic and enzymatic degradationLinglan Fang, Eric Kool
S22-219HDAC4-mediated neuroprotectionJeffrey Goldberg, Michael Kapiloff, Ying Zhu
S21-288A tunable proximity assay that can overcome dilutional non-linearityH. Tom Soh, Brandon Wilson

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