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Docket NumberTitlePI's
S20-453Magnetic medical device for efficient removal of kidney stones during ureteroscopy Simon Conti, Jessie Ge
S21-336Lamb-Wave Mode-Conversion Based Neurostimulation DeviceKamyar Firouzi, Butrus Khuri-Yakub, Jeong nyeon Kim, Merritt Maduke, Martin Prieto
S21-098Tumor needle templates: making brachytherapy accessible via the Vaginal Interstitial Template (V.I.A.)Pete Franco, Elizabeth Kidd, Thomas Niedermayr
S21-071Polysaccharide Hydrogel Optical Fibers for Biomedical ApplicationsRajib Ahmed, Utkan Demirci, Carlos Guimaraes, Rui Reis
S19-157A method for rapid diagnostics of bacterial infection using optical spectroscopy and bio-compatible inkjet printingNiaz Banaei, Jennifer Dionne, Butrus Khuri-Yakub, Amr Saleh
S19-326Early Detection and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Based on Metastatic PotentialChristina Curtis
S16-370Anticipatory Steering Wheel Movement for Automated VehiclesMishel Johns, Wendy Ju, Walter Talamonti
S17-327Functional Dyes for detection of premalignant GI tract lesions Sanjiv Gambhir, Stefan Harmsen, Stephan Rogalla
S19-380Methods of treatment based on molecular characterization of breast cancerChristina Curtis, Jose Seoane Fernandez
S19-367Soft Collapsible Hydraulic Shock AbsorberDavid Camarillo, August Domel, Michael Fanton, Hossein Vahid Alizadeh
S20-473Novel molecules of gene therapy for glaucoma and optic neuropathiesKun-Che Chang, Jeffrey Goldberg
S20-457Method of gene delivery to retinal astrocytes for the treatment of glaucoma and other optic neuropathiesEvan Cameron, Jeffrey Goldberg
S09-117No Scar Surgical SystemReuben Brewer, Kevin Chao, Hattie Zhi Chen Dong, Bryan Duggan, Ronald Jou, Greg Magee, Christopher Pell, John Roop, Thomas Ruby
S21-262TrueImage: Better Images for TelemedicineAlbert Chiou, Roxana Daneshjou, Justin Ko, Roberto Novoa, Kailas Vodrahalli, James Zou
S21-033Progression and Recovery from Parkinson's DiseaseKanwaljeet Anand
S21-293Direct Thermal Infrared Vision via Nanophotonic Detector DesignShanhui Fan, Weiliang Jin, Chinmay Khandekar
S15-027BCustomized Load-Bearing and Bioactive Functionally-Graded Implant for Treatment of OsteonecrosisStuart Goodman, Chi-Chun Pan, Yaser Shanjani, Peter Yunzhi Yang
S21-202High flux anaerobic membrane bioreactorCraig Criddle, Chungheon Shin, Sebastien Tilmans
S19-407NIR-II phosphorescence imaging probe and methods of imaging tissueBaisong Chang, Zhen Cheng
S20-139Small molecule targeting VISTA for cancer immunotherapyMoustafa Gabr, Sanjiv Gambhir
S20-463Immunoglobulin therapy for the treatment of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetesJustin Annes, Sooyeon Lee, Andrew Lipchik, Anil Narasimha, Michael Snyder
S20-360Targeted Cancer Therapy for the Treatment of Cancers That Have Mutations in the HAT1 Holoenzyme Complex Joshua Gruber, Harry Gruber
S21-107Polymer Liposome Hydrogel for Drug Delivery and MoreEric Appel, Santiago Correa, Abby Grosskopf, John Klich
S20-364New Immunotherapeutic Target for the Treatment of Lung Cancer and Fibrotic Lung DiseasesTristan Lerbs, Gerlinde Wernig
S21-127An Organ Transplantation Facilitation Apparatus with an Incorporated Method of Temperature RegulationNishant Doctor, Keith Hansen, George Korir, Alex Sackeim, Victoria Wu

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