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Docket #: S08-140

Anti-ENL monoclonal antibody

Researchers in Dr. Michael Cleary's laboratory at Stanford University have developed a highly specific monoclonal antibody for ENL, a proto-oncoprotein associated with pediatric and adult leukemia. ENL and its highly conserved family member AF9 have unknown biochemical functions but are associated with acute leukemia through fusions with the MLL histone methyltransferase. Biochemical studies implicate ENL and AF9 in transcriptional regulation since they form a higher order protein complex with pTEF-B, comprised of a cyclin/CDK protein pair with roles in transcriptional elongation, and the hDOT1L histone lysine methyltransferase. This antibody could be used for research, diagnostic or therapeutic applications.


  • Research - tool for biochemical studies of ENL functions in gene regulation and cancer
  • Diagnostic - covalent conjugation with ligands for detection
  • Therapeutic - covalent conjugation with ligands for drug targeting


  • Highly specific


  • Cancer Cell, 2010 Feb 17; 17(2) 198-212

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