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Docket #: S22-517

Novel target to treat dry age-related macular degeneration

Researchers at Stanford University have discovered a novel way of treating dry age-related macular degeneration by inhibiting a causal disease target.

Dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most prevalent form of AMD, with a high unmet need due to a lack of effective treatment options. The existing therapies primarily target the less common wet AMD, which leaves the majority of patients without access to effective intervention.

Now, researchers at Stanford have identified a target that plays a pivotal role in the disease development. Utilizing their proprietary platform, they discovered a causal mutation, leading to the development of a pipeline to usher the compound further.

Stage of Development

In vivo


  • Dry age-related macular degeneration


  • Novel target for currently untreatable dry AMD

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