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A Multi-Touch Ultrasonic Touch Screen

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Researchers at Stanford have developed a method for higher efficiency, reduced complexity, multi-touch, ultrasonic screens suitable for large touch screen displays. Dominant touch screen technologies suffer from a number of drawbacks such as high power consumption, high manufacturing cost, low yield, extreme hardware complexity, sensitivity to noise, and often cannot support multi-touch especially in large screen applications. Using ultrasonic sensors, Stanford researchers reduced hardware complexity and improved power efficiency in a multi-touch touchscreen that can be used in a wide range of sizes from large displays to smartphones.

Stage of Research
Researchers designed, built, and tested multi-touch ultrasonic touchscreens using their method.

30 Minute Webinar

On Sept 20, Kamyar Firouzi, co-inventor of the technology, gave an overview of the technology, including potential applications and competitive differentiation


  • Touch screen displays including smartphones, tablets, computer screens, laptops, desktops, and large displays


  • Robust & Clear – low noise sensitivity, no light interference, no electronic cross talk, non-conductive object can be sensed
  • Lower cost - low hardware complexity and ease in manufacturing
  • Higher efficiency resulting in low power consumption


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Evan Elder, Licensing Associate
650-725-9558 (Mobile)
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93-192 Total Access System
02-125 Target Tracking System
02-199 Intelligent Total Access System (ITAS)

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