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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-277Methods for guiding projection pursuit clustering and matching clusters over samplesKeywords6/19/2017
2S09-339System to improve ease and accuracy of flow cytometryKeywords12/9/2015
3S10-149Data management, storage and analysis technologiesKeywords12/8/2015
4S13-032H-Y antigen binding B cells develop in male recipients of female hematopoietic cells and associate with chronic graft vs host diseaseKeywords9/9/2015
5S98-109Methods for Analysis of Large Sets of Multiparameter DataKeywords9/3/2013
6S08-347FACS-based assay for detecting basophils and/or eosinophils in bloodKeywords1/18/2012
7S09-004Allergy testing with small whole blood samplesKeywords1/18/2012
8S02-215Population Clustering for Analyzing Flow Cytometry and Other Large Data SetsKeywords7/11/2011
9S03-347Internet-Linked System for Directory Protocol Based Data StorageKeywords6/28/2010
10S05-123Knowledge Base CoordinatorKeywords6/28/2010
11S08-098Automated Archiving of Scientific DataKeywords6/28/2010
12S99-147Directory Protocol Based Data StorageKeywords11/19/1999

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