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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S14-381Non-Silencing Plasmid Vectors for Sustained High Level Expression of TransgenesKeywords10/17/2017
2S15-305Novel AAV Capsids Resistant to Pre-existing Human Neutralizing Antibodies Keywords5/18/2016
3S15-415Novel AAV Capsids with Enhanced Human Skeletal Muscle TropismKeywords5/18/2016
4S00-012AExpressed RNAi Mediated Inhibition of Gene Expression in MammalsKeywords3/30/2016
5S11-298Chimeric AAV Capsids for High Efficiency Nucleic Acid TransferKeywords2/17/2016
6S12-266Prolonged transgene expression with DNA spacer in plasmids or minicirclesKeywords10/14/2015
7S12-488Depletion of a tsRNA induces apoptosisKeywords4/4/2015
8S13-1384-in-1 Plasmid for Efficiently Generating iPS CellsKeywords2/5/2015
9S06-098Novel AAV capsids with new transduction and nonimmune propertiesKeywords5/19/2014
10S11-234Robust and Sustained Transgene Expression with Mini-Intronic Plasmid VectorsKeywords4/29/2013
11S08-108minicircle vector for non-insertional transgene expression in quiescent cells and tissuesKeywords6/28/2010
12S09-309Using Minicircle DNAs to Generate Viral-Free Induced Pluripotent CellsKeywords2/18/2010
13S98-202Improved Adenoviral Production Vector and MethodKeywords11/23/2009
14S08-431Novel Minicircle Vector for Cardiac Gene TherapyKeywords6/26/2009
15S00-126Liver-specific expression cassettes for Factor IXKeywords11/20/2008
16S07-01121-25nt Capped Small Priming RNAs as Targets in Drug Discovery and TherapeuticsKeywords7/3/2008
17S06-099Robust factor IX minigene expression cassette (TTR)Keywords2/12/2007
18S03-001A Modified Hyperactive Transposon Vector for Gene Therapy [Sleeping Beauty]Keywords10/25/2005
19S02-190Minicircle DNA for gene delivery and protein expressionKeywords8/8/2003
20S00-013Increasing the size of rAAV-mediated expression cassettes in vivoKeywords4/25/2002
21S99-158Plasmid DNA vectors that integrate into host chromosomal DNA in vivo [Sleeping Beauty]Keywords5/3/2000

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