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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-394Robust, accurate, low magnetic field angle sensorKeywords7/10/2017
2S15-224Small Molecule Competitive Magnetic ImmunoassayKeywords11/22/2016
3S08-436Magnetic Separation for Cell Sorting and AnalysisKeywords9/15/2016
4S09-039Wash-Free Analyte Detection AssayKeywords11/14/2014
5S05-306Magnetic Sifter for Biomedical DetectionKeywords9/11/2014
6S06-006Dumbbell-like Nanoparticles and a Process of Forming the SameKeywords7/19/2013
7S04-112High Q InductorKeywords4/23/2013
8S12-293Compartmentalized integrated biochipsKeywords11/14/2012
9S08-419Temperature and Drift Compensation in GMR DevicesKeywords7/14/2009
10S06-325Modification of Surface for Biomolecule ImmobilizationKeywords5/21/2007

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