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Searched On:S08-347 FACS-based assay for detecting basophils and/or eosinophils in blood

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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S16-332Light sheet fluorescence microscopy using high speed structured and pivoting illuminationKeywords8/9/2017
2S12-486Predicting and Improving Embryo and Oocyte Viability Through Mechanical Measurements and BiomarkersKeywords8/8/2017
3S15-282Probes for mycobacterium detectionKeywords8/8/2017
4S16-396A sensor of coincident calcium and light for detecting and controlling neuronal activity via a transcriptional outputKeywords7/5/2017
5S16-239Cytometry Analysis to Guide Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaKeywords6/21/2017
6S16-277Methods for guiding projection pursuit clustering and matching clusters over samplesKeywords6/19/2017
7S15-359Rapid avidin-based detection and quantification of basophil activationKeywords6/12/2017
8S14-117SLIDE: Single Cell Linkage for Distance EstimationKeywords6/7/2017
9S13-052A Novel Engineered anti-CD20 Tracer Enables Early Time PET Imaging of Non-Hodgkins LymphomaKeywords6/5/2017
10S13-321Tumor-Specific Minicircles for Cancer ScreeningKeywords5/26/2017
11S10-001LNK mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasmsKeywords5/18/2017
12S06-281Preparation of Azide-Modified Carbon Surfaces for Coupling to Various SpeciesKeywords4/5/2017
13S09-141Sensor for Measuring Properties of Liquids and GasesKeywords3/27/2017
14S12-069Compressed Sensing for dimensionality expansion in flow cytometryKeywords3/9/2017
15S16-005A Method for Faster, Sensitive Biomolecular Detection in Surface Reaction AssaysKeywords3/6/2017
16S16-391Clostridium difficile genomic burden cutoff predicts presence of free toxins in stoolKeywords3/2/2017
17S03-065DNA linker reagents for detection and quantification of RNA and DNA sequencesKeywords1/24/2017
18S15-057Gene set for the diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosisKeywords1/19/2017
19S13-299Plasmonic beads for multiplexed protein analysis with flow cytometryKeywords12/19/2016
20S16-314Non-Destructive Nanostraw Intracellular Sampling for Longitudinal Cell MonitoringKeywords12/14/2016
21S16-097DMN-Tre: A probe for the rapid, simple, and specific detection of mycobacteria with applications for the rapid diagnosis of M. tuberculosis in sputum from TB patients.Keywords11/28/2016
22S15-224Small Molecule Competitive Magnetic ImmunoassayKeywords11/22/2016
23S14-243Novel cell subpopulations identified via expression profiling of cell surface markersKeywords11/15/2016
24S15-444Paperfuge: a low-cost, high-speed, human-powered centrifuge Keywords10/26/2016
25S15-393Early Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Detection using engineered anti-Thy1-single-chain antibody-targeted Contrast AgentsKeywords10/24/2016

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