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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S07-254Automatic Generation of Human Models for Motion Capture, Biomechanics and AnimationKeywords11/29/2017
2S06-193A New, Integrated Method of Human or Animal Body Modeling with Applications for Animation and TrackingKeywords11/29/2017
3S16-278WAVES – a compact, intuitive, wearable haptic device for navigationKeywords10/3/2017
4S13-484Ultrathin dielectric metasurface optical elements for easy fabrication and integration with semiconductor electronicsKeywords9/25/2017
5S16-273Small, Robust, Highly-Sensitive Six-Degree of Freedom Capacitive Force/Torque SensorKeywords8/29/2017
6S16-318High-performance brain-machine interfaces with machine learning algorithm for decoding neural dynamicsKeywords8/9/2017
7S09-418Nanofiber Transparent ElectrodesKeywords7/14/2017
8S09-396A structure for transparent energy storageKeywords7/14/2017
9S13-466Laser liftoff of epitaxial thin film structuresKeywords6/22/2017
10S17-075Alloyed halide double perovskites as solar-cell absorbersKeywords6/19/2017
11S16-288Steering Wheel Skin Stretch Haptic Feedback System Keywords5/22/2017
12S16-407Scaffold-reinforced perovskite compound solar cellsKeywords5/12/2017
13S15-105Metal-dielectric hybrid surfaces as integrated optoelectronic interfaces with high optical transmittance and low sheet resistanceKeywords4/28/2017
14S14-269Low-cost sensor for touch and touchless user interfacesKeywords4/7/2017
15S12-300Remote sensing, imaging, or screening of embedded or concealed objectsKeywords12/19/2016
16S15-432Instrumented Mouthguard to Determine Accurate Head Motion During ImpactsKeywords10/25/2016
17S15-455Metal-halide double perovskites as solar-cell absorbersKeywords10/17/2016
18S13-161Method and Apparatus for Sensing TouchKeywords10/4/2016
19S16-176Wolverine: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Grasping in Virtual RealityKeywords8/25/2016
20S10-129Low-Temperature Synthesis of Polycrystalline Semiconductor Thin Films on Amorphous SubstratesKeywords7/20/2016
21S13-419Low-Power CMOS Image Sensor for Object DetectionKeywords5/20/2016
22S15-225Electrochromic Resistive Pressure SensorKeywords2/18/2016
23S13-491Pressure-Sensitive Electrode Material, Means and Methods of UseKeywords2/18/2016
24S14-211Self-Powered Electronic Skin Keywords2/18/2016
25S08-142Solution Sheared Deposition of Organic Semiconductor Thin-Films with Oriented Crystalline Morphology Keywords1/21/2016

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