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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S13-066Method and system to predict progression of age-related macular degenerationKeywords9/14/2017
2S16-392ATLAS – a precision medicine search tool for rapidly analyzing medical recordsKeywords7/31/2017
3S14-117SLIDE: Single Cell Linkage for Distance EstimationKeywords6/7/2017
4S16-404TICker- algorithm to identify gene clusters encoding small molecules and their target proteins Keywords3/2/2017
5S16-459HEx: Heterologous Expression of natural product gene clusters in yeast Keywords3/2/2017
6S14-243Novel cell subpopulations identified via expression profiling of cell surface markersKeywords11/15/2016
7S15-051GateFinder: Automated Identification of Simple FACS Signatures from High Dimensional Mass CytometryKeywords3/28/2016
8S04-225Algorithms to Model Cellular Networks from Single-Cell DataKeywords8/3/2015
9S11-299Drug Safety Prediction and Surveillance AlgorithmsKeywords5/4/2015
10S14-324Cancer module discovery (“CaMoDi”) using gene expression dataKeywords2/5/2015
11S10-328Optimized Annotator - Text Mining for Ontology Based AnalyticsKeywords11/6/2014
12S14-071PocketFEATURE: Using Multiple Microenvironments to Find Similar Ligand-Binding SitesKeywords9/15/2014
13S14-069FragFEATURE: Knowledge-based Fragment Binding Prediction using Unsupervised Machine LearningKeywords9/4/2014
14S14-077DrugFEATURE: Identifying Druggable Targets by Protein Microenvironments MatchingKeywords9/4/2014
15S11-131Method to Predict Adverse Drug Reactions Keywords5/7/2013
16S13-094Clinical dashboard systems with novel predictive and exploratory analytics for quality and cost improvements for inpatient careKeywords5/2/2013
17S02-215Population Clustering for Analyzing Flow Cytometry and Other Large Data SetsKeywords7/11/2011
18S08-098Automated Archiving of Scientific DataKeywords6/28/2010


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