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Docket NumberTitleKeywordsPublic Release Date
1S09-039Wash-Free Analyte Detection AssayKeywords2/9/2018
2S08-345Rapid, Sensitive Amino Acid Analysis with LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry)Keywords10/19/2017
3S13-343Customizable Genotyping with Digital PCR PlatformKeywords9/13/2017
4S09-417High throughput system for isolation, growth, and detection of lipid inclusions in bacteriaKeywords7/14/2017
5S05-009Production of Hydrogenase Activity in a Cell-Free Protein Synthesis SystemKeywords4/5/2017
6S05-017New Methodology for Imaging Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) from Live Cells and Living SubjectsKeywords4/5/2017
7S09-179Light-controlled Protein DimerizationKeywords2/15/2017
8S03-065DNA linker reagents for detection and quantification of RNA and DNA sequencesKeywords1/24/2017
9S05-341Non-invasive optical imaging of protein phosphorylation mediated protein-protein interaction in living animalsKeywords7/12/2016
10S06-409Novel molecular imaging contrast agents for photo-acoustic imagingKeywords7/12/2016
11S07-154Semi-Synthesis of Prostratin and Related CompoundsKeywords1/13/2016
12S01-203Quenched DNA probes that "light up" on sensing genetic sequencesKeywords8/12/2015
13S06-394BR-spondin1-producing cell lineKeywords8/7/2015
14S98-0591D6 mab reacting with human CD81Keywords6/30/2015
15S07-069Reporter cell line for TGFbeta signalingKeywords6/30/2015
16S14-453A wirelessly powered, fully internal implant that enables optogenetic stimulation of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system in untethered miceKeywords6/30/2015
17S01-245HAnti-Set1p monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
18S01-245EAnti-Pbx3b monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
19S01-245GAnti-Pknox monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
20S01-245DAnti-Pbx3a Monoclonal AntibodyKeywords4/21/2015
21S01-245AAnti-Pbx1a monoclonal antibodyKeywords4/21/2015
22S00-048Heme oxygenase transgenic reporter mouse (HO Luc Mouse)Keywords4/21/2015
23S04-192High Speed VideographyKeywords4/21/2015
24S97-184Monoclonal Antibody to Human CD81, 5A6Keywords4/17/2015
25S98-122Soluble CD81 Fusion ConstructsKeywords4/17/2015

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