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Docket #: S23-155

Emotion Recognition Using Footstep-Induced Floor Vibrations

Researchers in the Noh Lab have developed a gait based, emotion recognition system using geophone sensors that are attached to the floor. People's gait changes under various emotions creating distinct structural vibration patterns. The gait-based emotion recognition system collects and analyzes those patterns in three modules: footstep detection and data preprocessing; emotion-related feature extraction; and emotion recognition, which is a multilayer perceptron model to estimate the pedestrians' emotional states. This approach allows for a non-invasive emotion recognition with applications in mental health monitoring, human-computer interaction, emotion-driven advertisement, and to provide personalized and relevant suggestions from recommendation systems.

Sensor Set Up
Image courtesy the Noh Lab

Stage of Development – Proof of Concept
The Noh Lab continues to test the robustness of the hardware and software under different environments and to develop and refine the user interface.


  • Clinical and non-clinical/in home mental health monitoring
  • Enhance human – computer interaction/smart home applications/human-building interaction by adjusting interface or response based on emotional state of the user
  • Advertising or marketing tool to target customers based on their emotional state and create a more personalized experience


  • Non-intrusive monitoring without carrying or wearing devices
  • User friendly, convenient, and easily scalable
  • Privacy-friendly – no visual nor biometric data collection


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