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Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences collection features technologies in the fields of neuromodulation, immuno-oncology, digital health, and more.

Life Sciences Collection Category Listing

  • Bioconjugates


    Protein and other conjugates for treatment and diagnosis of disease

  • CNS: Neurodegenerative Diseases

    CNS: Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Tools to help treat neurodegenerative diseases, including novel targets against conditions like Huntington’s diseases, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

  • Diagnostics: Highlights

    Diagnostics: Highlights

    A featured set of diagnostic and prognostic technologies with a focus on clinical trial patient stratification strategies and companion diagnostics.

  • Digital Health: Medical Imaging AI

    Digital Health: Medical Imaging AI

    Technologies that use artificial intelligence to drastically increase the value of medical images collected using ultrasound, PET, CT, MRI, and other common medical imaging modalities.

  • Drug & Target Discovery Platforms

    Drug & Target Discovery Platforms

    Technologies to accelerate your therapeutic pipeline ranging from in vitro high throughput screening platforms to artificial intelligence in silico screening platforms

  • Immuno-oncology: Cellular Therapies

    Immuno-oncology: Cellular Therapies

    Technologies to increase the applicability and effectiveness of adoptive T-cell and NK cell therapies, reduce T-cell exhaustion, improve safety, and novel targets

  • Immuno-oncology: Molecular (non-cellular) Therapies

    Immuno-oncology: Molecular (non-cellular) Therapies

    New targets, state-of-the-art delivery systems, and novel large and small molecule drugs that offer next-generation approaches to harness the immune system to fight cancer

  • Immunology & Autoimmune

    Immunology & Autoimmune

    Inventions that improve the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

  • Neuromodulation Technologies

    Neuromodulation Technologies

    Technological solutions to help enable the next generation of advanced neurological treatment devices.

  • Ophthalmology


    Ophthalmology technologies from Stanford inventors

  • Optogenetics


    Optogenetics technologies with multifaceted applications in drug discovery, therapeutics, neurostimulation, neurodegenerative diseases, mood disorders, and neuroimaging.

  • RNA Medicines

    RNA Medicines

    RNA technologies for designing treatments for human disease

  • Tools for Life Science Research, esp. Cell Therapies

    Tools for Life Science Research, esp. Cell Therapies

    This collection contains Diagnostics, Drug & Target Discovery Platforms, Immuno-oncology: Cellular Therapy tools and methods, and Novel Immunotherapy Delivery Methods.