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Physical Sciences

Our Physical Sciences technology collection features flexible and transparent electronics, quantum computing, and more.

Physical Sciences Collection Category Listing

  • Autonomous Vehicles

    Autonomous Vehicles

    Our autonomous vehicles technology collection includes software, sensor systems, and vehicle components, which we invite you to check out below.

  • Flexible Electronics

    Flexible Electronics

    The collection of flexible electronics technologies have applications in batteries, wearables, displays, sensors, medical devices and more.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing

    Artificial intelligence technologies from Stanford inventors using natural language processing.

  • Organic Transistors & OLEDs

    Organic Transistors & OLEDs

    A collection of technologies related to organic transistor and organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials.

  • Robotics & Haptics

    Robotics & Haptics

    Robotics and haptics technologies from Stanford inventors.

  • Transparent Electrodes

    Transparent Electrodes

    These technologies feature materials, fabrication and design of transparent electrodes.