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Docket #: S02-263

An Improved Method for Visualization of Multidimensional Data ("Logicle")


  • Method of analyzing data using a computer, including using the scaled data to identify portions of the raw data of interest
  • Methods of this invention can be implemented in a localized or distributed computing environment


  • The data scaling is specified by a mathematically well-defined function which can be readily computed
  • Ability to optimize display of particular data sets
  • The linear to logarithmic transition is very smooth, minimizing the likelihood that display artifacts will be created
  • The method retains a rectilinear display grid (lines of equal signal level are straight and horizontal or vertical)


  • Leonore A Herzenberg, James Tung, Wayne A Moore, Leonard A Herzenberg & David R Parks. Interpreting flow cytometry data: a guide for the perplexed. Nature Immunology 7, 681 - 685 (2006).
  • Parks DR, Roederer M, Moore WA. A new "Logicle" display method avoids deceptive effects of logarithmic scaling for low signals and compensated data. Cytometry A. 2006 Jun;69(6):541-51.
  • See below for the issued U.S. Patent.

Non-assert for patent in field of flow cytometry

Stanford will not assert U.S. patent 6,954,722 in the field of flow cytometry.


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